Buyer Services

Why Search with Source Real Estate?

Buyer Services

Familiarity with the local neighborhoods and their amenities will prove highly beneficial as you determine which home will fit your needs. We readily share our valuable insight into the types of homes contained within specific neighborhoods. Our realtors are highly trained to continuously strive to match your criteria set while being flexible enough to accommodate any decision changes that might arise during the home buying process. We will get you the best price on a home that is perfectly suited to your needs and lifestyle. We understand that you are not just buying a house, but a home.

  • Personal Home Search Plan

    – We take an inventory of not only your needs, but also your wants and create a plan that accommodates those preferences. We will continuously re-evaluate your plan to stay on track with acquiring your future home.

  • Comparative Market Analysis

    – We evaluate the current market activity of similar homes in the chosen neighborhood and nearby areas to help determine the fair market value of the home. This shows you how to estimate an accurate offer to submit for the home you intend to buy.

  • Up-to-date Neighborhood Information

    – We are your source for the most current and detailed information on the amenities of each neighborhood.

  • Financing Relationships

    – If desired, we can facilitate a connection between you and the right institutions to find a home loan that suits your needs.

  • Off-Market Opportunities

    – Familiarity with the local area and our established relationships with sellers affords us the opportunity to present you with less obvious options.